As a former vice president, general manager and leader who has led Marketing, Product Management, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Development and Operations in the past 30 years in companies of all sizes from early-stage startups to multi-billion-dollar multinational companies, his experience can accelerate businesses with positive outcomes while guiding and coaching through the most difficult times.

Bill has previously held executive positions at Fiber Mountain, Freedom Voice (acquired by Go Daddy), ADC Telecommunications (acquired by TE Connectivity and CommScope), Digium (acquired by Sangoma), 3Com (acquired by HP), Fujitsu, General DataComm, and Rockwell International. He has also spent several years at technology startups and founded his own firm, Beelinebill Enterprises.

Bill holds a BS in Computer Engineering Technology from Northeastern University.

In October of 2020, Bill published his first book, “The Rookie CEO, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Learn How 9 Rookie CEOs got there, executed, created their stories, and led!” If you would like to read these sometimes bazaar stories with take-aways at the end of each chapter, grab a copy of his book in eBook, paperback or hardcover formats from Amazon.

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About this blog

Every CEO has been a newcomer once, and most leaders want to or have considered becoming a CEO. As we move beyond Covid-19 pandemic days, the world of CEOs and leadership is changing with technology, a core strength and competency of TMC. Bill will be writing about CEO related topics that cross and intersect leadership and tech, with no related topic to be considered off limits. You will gain insights from existing CEOs, leaders and from Bill and his experiences. As an aspiring CEO and leader, you will learn how you may lead and be better prepared to take on that new role in a startup or in an established company.