The new CEO Insights blog will cover all things leadership where we will write about CEOs, senior leadership teams, startups, and answer as many questions as our readers can muster up!

Leadership and how companies are led and managed are critical to the success of the companies we work for and the culture that emerges inside the company. As the author of recently published, “The Rookie CEO, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!” with a foreword by Rich Tehrani, I have a perspective that CEOs and leaders each take their own Path to the top, each bring their own Philosophies and Leadership styles and these together create the Culture of the company. In my book, I call this the “PPLC Framework”. We will create content to help those of you who want to become a CEO, existing CEOs looking for continuous learning from others’ experiences, and anyone wanting to know more about how things happen behind the scenes.

As we enter 2021, more future leaders and new CEOs are millennials and leadership styles, in general, are changing. The pandemic of 2020 has also had a profound impact on how leadership is changing in real-time as companies need to adjust how they operate and get things done with remote workers, employees who have to be both teaching parents and employees, and what used to be called “water cooler” discussions have taken on a new look and feel.

In upcoming articles, we will address situational leadership and behaviors, present CEO interviews and experiences, funding, partnerships, and a wide variety of challenges leaders face on a daily basis.

Over time, we will introduce Tip of the week, Question of the week, Guest posts, and Recruiting and interviewing tips.

I encourage comments, participation, suggestions, and engagements. If you are a CEO or a new CEO and would like to contribute your experiences, please email me or DM me on a social channel, preferably LinkedIn. My connections are in my BIO

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