Brain - I am NOT!

In this week’s CEO Tip, I introduce Mark Essayian, President and CEO of KME Systems, with offices in Lake Forest, CA serving IT needs since 1993. I have known Mark since I was at 3Com and KME was a successful reseller in the channel. He has led KME Systems to become a leading MSP, Managed Service Provider who has created one of the more interesting tag lines and brand promises: “Because We Give a Damn!” Having visited clients with KME Systems, I watched Mark who is a leader who truly has come to terms with himself and his company. He has provided this week’s CEO Tip, which is related to Self-Awareness. Read on for Mark’s post!

Ever give thought to what you are not?   Do you think about it and make sure you internally live it?

A self-aware CEO gets that you’re not good at everything. You understand the need to surround yourself with trusted people who complement your skills and performing tasks you simply don’t enjoy doing. 

I know myself, that if something is going to take weeks to accomplish and have a lot of details, I’m not the person for the job.  I embrace this and have team members who excel at staying on track and making sure nothing gets overlooked.  They are invaluable to my firm!

Many leaders can’t or worse, won’t admit they are bad at something.  And the basic fact is your company suffers because of it.  Someday you’ll realize how much time and energy you wasted on tasks not suited to your skills. It’s a broad concept, this not, and can apply in many areas.

I even use this concept in our marketing, What KME is not!

We are not about pointing fingers, the buck stays with us.
We are not about anything confusing, clarity is important.
We are not about nickel & diming. Fair costs, great results.
We are not about letting our team or yours struggle.
We are not about being careless or care-less.

Ok – enough of the marketing spin, but it points out key thoughts to my prospects and my internal team.   Laying out the not guides us so everyone understands what we are and what we are not.

So, the next time you are driving, out walking the dog or during your thinking time, consider what you are not and then decide how to embrace it.  Your people will appreciate it and you’ll find freedom in passing off tasks you could do, but don’t really want to.

Thank you Mark for participating in the CEO Tips on the CEO Insights blog.

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(Image from Infograpia and edited by the author)