A Summary of the Webinar sponsored by Cloud Voice Alliance

Earlier this year, I was invited to be an advisor to the CloudVoiceAlliance group to create a webinar series to spotlight successful CEOs. The overall goal is to create a steady stream of shared knowledge between peers and aspiring leaders to help each other become successful. I was invited to this advisory role because of my now, two-time award-winning book, The Rookie CEO, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! which I have written about here on CEO Insights since December 2020.

My first guest on The CEO Success Story this week was Bill McClain, aka Phonebill, Founder and CEO of StratusDial, LLC. in 2011. He has created and built two successful businesses and has led through always-changing technology and economic times over the past 25 years. Bill was a terrific guest, genuine, who brings mountains of wisdom, experience, customer-centric philosophy, and is likable by his employees, partners, and customers. You can see the entire interview by clicking the link below, but here is a snapshot of our discussion.

Bill shared a lot about his personal life and how he was able to start and grow his companies, and he shared many of his secrets to success. PhoneBill talked about hiring the right people, and that he focused on personality and fit into his company culture. With his hiring philosophy, he has created long-term loyal and happy employees. He is proud of these accomplishments.

LinkedIn – PhoneBill

PhoneBill has been on LinkedIn since 2008, but during the pandemic he stepped it up by hiring a coach, adding thousands of followers, and utilizing LinkedIn as a marketing channel for his business. He added a couple of marketing folks to help his cause and his efforts were bootstrapped.

He joined Clubhouse, an audio channel, and was inspired by many influencers who use this channel. His Clubhouse and LinkedIn efforts in his opinion, “changed his life!”

Watch and listen to his success story at the following instant replay link:

Link to Webinar

In the future

Our next CEO Success Story is planned for February 17, 2022, at 2 pm ET, live. Watch here for details.

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