Motivation Matters

CEO Motivation Matters

As I continue my “Matters Series” today, as promised, I am addressing why motivation matters and how CEOs can enhance their soft skills in motivational efforts and within their company culture. 

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As the CEO, motivating and inspiring your leadership team and employees contribute significantly to the success and culture of your company. A motivated workforce is essential for a company’s success, as it drives productivity, innovation, and performance. This blog post will explore why motivating your team matters and provide a handy checklist to help you create a motivated and engaged workforce. Readers of my book, “The Rookie CEO, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!” already know my favorite story, The Wheelbarrow story, was due to a first-time CEO not understanding what motivates engineers vs. sales personnel. It caused serious problems for the founder/engineering leaders and broke trust. I hope you read the book if you have not yet. You can find it here on Amazon. 

Why Motivation Matters: 

  • Increases Productivity: A motivated workforce is more productive, efficient, and more likely to deliver outstanding results. 
  • Recruit and Retain Top Talent: A positive work environment and a culture of motivation help attract and retain the best employees. 
  • Drives Innovation: Motivated employees are likelier to take risks and produce innovative ideas that move the company forward. 
  • Increases Employee Satisfaction: A motivated workforce is more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and enjoy coming to work every day. 
  • Improves Morale: A motivated workforce has a positive outlook and feels a sense of pride and ownership, leading to a positive work environment. 
  • Different business functions are motivated by different rewards; for example, engineers are motivated by solving complex problems, sales are motivated by commission plans, product teams are motivated by innovation and margin contribution, and operations are motivated by the reduction of waste and cost savings.  

Checklist for CEOs to Motivate and Engage Their Teams: 

  1. Lead by example: Show passion, empathy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the company’s mission and goals. 
  1. Communicate openly and honestly: encourage a culture of transparency and trust by keeping your team informed. 
  1. Recognize and reward successes: Celebrate your team’s and individual employees’ achievements, no matter how big or small the “wins” are. 
  1. Foster a sense of belonging: Create a sense of community among your employees by encouraging teamwork, collaboration, and mutual support. 
  1. Empower employees: Give employees the autonomy and resources they need to do their jobs effectively and encourage innovation and risk-taking. 
  1. Create a positive work environment: drive a positive and supportive culture where employees feel valued and respected. 
  1. Provide opportunities for growth and development: Offer professional development opportunities and encourage employees to take on new challenges and responsibilities. 
  1. Show empathy and understanding: Listen to your employees and understand their concerns, especially in challenging times. 
  1. Set clear expectations: Communicate clear goals and expectations to your team, providing regular feedback and coaching to help them reach their full potential. 
  1. Celebrate successes: As in #3 above, recognize the company’s milestones and achievements, and celebrate your employees’ demanding work and dedication. 
  1. Bonus: Create a small cross-functional team to provide a feedback loop via a “safe zone” to provide you with a scorecard on the overall team motivation programs.  

By prioritizing employee motivation and following these steps, you can drive productivity, attract and retain top talent, drive innovation, improve employee satisfaction, and boost morale. Take the time to understand what motivates your employees and invest in their growth and development. The returns on this investment will be well worth it overall, as a motivated and engaged workforce is a major key to your company’s success and growth. 

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