You already know it all, right? You can recite what matters in your business, your daily life, and your leadership skills. But do you truly know how your actions impact others who work for you, with you, partner with you, or buy from you?

This is the beginning of a series of blog posts I am creating that will address many topics that matter. Type A personalities, which describe many CEOs and leaders who do not always think about or care about how their actions impact others. Their continued success and track record on their path to the top create blind spots that may lead others on your team down the wrong path and a company culture of dissatisfaction and resentment. My goal is to enlighten CEOs, Business Owners, and leaders how they can become more self-aware and become better leaders.

Why the “Matters” series? Words Matter. Behavior Matters. Philosophies Matter. Humanity Matters. My list encompasses some 50 “Matters” topics. I hope you, as readers, enjoy and learn as I share my experiences from both my previous employment and my consulting engagements. As most of you know, I am the 2-time award-winning author of The Rookie CEO, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! where I share stories about 9 rookie CEOs, and introduce my “PPLC” framework that shares how the Path to CEO + Philosophies + Leadership Styles drive company Culture. This framework applies to each and every CEO and leader. The book highlights actual stories and how behavior matters for success or crossing the line for failure.

The “Matters” series will address one topic per post with examples and suggestions to help uncover blind spots and at times unstuck some challenging issues.

Words Matter

When you are the CEO, people hang on to every word you say. Don’t believe it? Find one of your employees that you know talk to others. This works for both in-house employees and remote, online employees. Create a test idea of something you are thinking about. Share it. Then see how long it gets back to you and how people react to this rumor. Make it harmless but interesting. The issue for the CEO, is you have to be extremely careful in thinking aloud or just having loose “what if” type of discussions with team members. People who hear your ideas may stop working on a project to work on your new idea. That could impact a project, a client, or a partner.

Think about what you say in every situation. Be thoughtful, professional, and self-aware as this can create a blind spot that can bite you back.

Your words align with your behavior. My next post will be “Behavior Matters”. Behavior aligns with your Words and can have both positive and negative impacts on your leadership role. Be Self-Aware! Listen and Learn. Ask Questions.

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